Thursday, October 8, 2009

8:32 PM


I finally settle May and your mom's air ticket to Singapore. Dont worry ok nah!
very funny...cos when i book air tickets, Jet star never ask me for their passport weird. but shouldnt be any problem cos i key in my credit card number, and it says confirmed and i have mailed the confirmation ticket to May's Email address...

Baby...are you well inside? please eat and sleep well ok? Dont let us worry for you. I am getting better as days go by..i still miss you terribly, but i keep telling myself to be strong and wait for the day you return to my side. You just need to stay happy for me. Ok mai?

Today i feel so going to sleep early ok?
But of course before i sleep, i want to tell you, i love you so very much. I love you, I love You, I love you. I really do.

Goodnight baby, i hope tonight you will have sweet dreams...

Loving you,

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