Saturday, October 24, 2009



I dont feel so good these days.dont know y.i really want u to come out faster,be with me. I think i miss u very very everynight i go out and get alot of girls,but chao chiu mai dai,cos kit terng u mak mak.

darling,we are going to get married soon,but im so scared....i scared wat if one day u dont love me anymore? I scared wat if one day ur sick of me? Baby pls tell me...tell me we will last, pls tell me that this love of ours is rak jin jin. Everyone thinks im stupid,n i feel so fucking sad..cos no one knows that i love you so very deeply.

Baby,now have to wait till november then can see u again..i really waiting for u nah. I love you baby.every day and night, i love you....


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