Sunday, October 25, 2009

12:25 pm

ti rak ti rak ti rak,

Today is sunday. U sabai sabai or not? U know my pe-arn know new thai girl from thailand, ah gab. She is like u little girl..very narak. Everytime i see her, i think of u nah.but dont worry,i dont like her, cos i got u. She think my pe-arn narak ah,now together happy mak me and u. Haha..

Darling, i wrote u another letter. U see mai? U got write back to me or not? I hope u can faster write back to me nah. I want to hear from u!

Baby,now i always write in the afternoon,cos at night, tired, nong very fast. U not angry nah?but everynight i still say i love u...ok?

Baby,i hope u faster come going sept liao..hope time will pass faster nah..i love u mak mak u....

Missing u,

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