Thursday, October 15, 2009

10:30 PM


Tomorrow, 930 AM, we meet you nah!!!!!! u happy mai? I happy mak mak! Ma ma also happy mak mak. Today everyone sleep tomorrow see you will look suai mak mak. Baby, i have really done alot, to make this possible, really really hope ma ma can see you tomorrow.

Today Collin and Junior came over and May teach me how to cook green curry and everyone says its aloy mak mak. How i wish u were here today...but mai dong worry.when u are out, i will cook alot of thai food for u..everyday let u eat, until u fat fat ok? even if u fat fat, i still rak u mak mak..jin jin!

I go sleep early tonight, tomorrow we need to go find you very early.ok? Goodnight, I miss you and i really really love you very much..

I love you baby,

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