Sunday, October 18, 2009

11:09 PM


I am your good boy. i listen to you, today bring ma ma go sentosa liao, she very happy. see the Merlion. Then after that i bring her go eat Crabs ! ma ma today eat alot.. i never see her eat so many. But she say peng mak mak, i tell her mai pen rai. As long as ma ma happy, i am happy already.

Baby... i am very excited and waiting for the day u come out. We can share a life together, hug u to sleep everynight. You can cook for me, i can wash your clothes for you, we will watch tv together, go shopping together, and we can go back to the village to visit ma ma and pa pa together.

Love, i want to be with you, for the rest of my life. I am greatful to you for wanting to be with me till i die. U are the happiness in my life, and i thank god for letting me find you. Baby, i love you, so much, i think my love will last a few lifetimes, and can you be my wife, not only for now, but for my many lifetime to come?

I need to go now baby. But before i go, i want to tell you, I love you mak mak.

Your husband to be,

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