Thursday, October 15, 2009

2:38 AM


Today Ah May cook! Tom Yum Goong, Khai jiao mu sap and Green curry. ALOY MAK MAK!
555. remember my friends? like Aya? they came to eat dinner also. Ma ma very happy. Laugh alot, smile also..happy mak mak.

ma ma and ah may now happy u mai dong kit mak ok? Dont worry, i am here, i will take care of them and make them happy..

Your ma ma really today happy abit already..i aee mama happy, i happy also. If i happy, baby will you be happy? Baby i miss you very much..but i promise you, i will help you all the way no matter wat. Even if the whole world thinks im stupid, laugh at me, but i dont care. I love you, so i am responsible for you. And once i have decided to stick it out with you, there is no turning back. I only want you to be happy. Baby, dont worry, even if u are not here by my side, i will still keep my faith in us, and stay truthful to you. You have my word, my heart.

There will never be another person i love.
I love you, and only you and its true...goodnight thee rak.

lovingly yours,

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