Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10:54 PM


Ma Ma and Ah May are in Singapore already! They are now at my house, and both of them are sleeping already.

Dont worry ok? I will take good care of them. Today i bring them to Thai embassy, then went golden mile to have lunch.

You know Ma ma say we look the same, like to eat the same things and even the way we drive is similar! 555
Do u think we have so many things in common?

baby, i am very happy. Finally the day is coming, we can all see you already. I really want to tell you, i love you in person. Just 3 more days ok?

Tomorrow ah may is going to make dinner..baby, when are you going to make dinner for me? Khai Jiao Mu Sap! I will wait for the day that you cook our favourite dish!

Love, im going to sleep now, you sleep well too ok? But before i sleep, i want you to know, I love you very much. jin jin.


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