Wednesday, October 21, 2009

12 : 23 AM


Today i very very happy already. I finally saw u, talk to u and JOOP JOOP u!! 555
I know u receive my letter already, keep it well ok? I will write more letters to me. U can check with prison see if you can write back. ok?

Ma ma and ah may go back already. Ah may going to JB, so she come and see you very easy. and i will also check with lawyer to get the visit card soon alright? U believe me ok? I will do my best to come and see you.

Just now i send ma ma to airport, ma ma ask me to promise her, must bring you go back to udon thani together, Ma ma want to see us get married. So Gina, dont worry, everything you leave it to me. I will fulfil my promises, we just need to be patient and keep our faith strong ok?

Never worry about our love ok? It is here to stay..i am waiting..waiting for you my wife. Mrs Lai,I love you, each and every single day. ok?

Mr Lai

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