Sunday, November 1, 2009

12:34 PM

Dear Ning,

I went to see Ah Jahn Ek and Ah Jahn Tong already. They will help you do blessing and they also read our fortune. Ah ning, u must believe me we will make things work ok? I also did s Sayan, ha tiow, so it will give us more blessings. I know you'd have no objection right?

Ning, i got a new job at a new bank. the pay is not bad, so i'll be able to take good care of you. The plan is still the same, u come out, i go back thailand with you to get married first. But if my job is good, i'll stay in SG to work first, but i will go to thailand every month to see you ok mai? I save more $ then i will go thailand more frequently. and when u can come SG, maybe u come SG live with me and i take care you nah?

I bai bangkok on Tuesday liao. To see ah may and to buy somethings. Ah ning, wat u want? i buy for you ok? I will come back very soon, dont worry alright.

Ah ning, I love you very much, please tell me nothing has changed ok? I really will wait for you. Ning, I love you.

Tee rak,