Saturday, October 3, 2009

2:25 AM

Good morning baby,

I spent the whole day resting and doing research at home. Asked May to enquire more on the shophouse at Soi Jinto Kam. The rent is about 6000 BHT a month, with a room upstairs. Lets hope she has good news for us as i like the location. Its behind the University, so customer mak mak di!

The shop use to sell 2nd hand phones and and clothes, with abit of furniture and fittings, lets hope it can be used at a small restaurant. I spoke to Collin bout it, shes just as excited as me. We can do what we are good at! Cooking! and earn a simple living.

I also did abit of research on the various types of Visas we can apply. Since Collin's mom is still holding a Thai national passport, i believe she can apply for Non Immigration Visa valid for a year.
Im not sure if my dad is holding a PR or thai ID, most likely i will have to apply for Business Visa that will be valid for 1 year, else my last option is an extended social visa for 90 days, extendable for another 21 days at Nong Khai Immigration crossing Laos... Not that bad, at least its only 45 mins drive away from Udon Thani.

Are you excited? Cos i am planning this hopefully to give u a big surprise when your out. But i shant tell you too much, as what Rong Rak says, "dont jinx it"

I hope u will be happier as days goes by. I am really working hard out here to figure a way out for the both of us. Remember, at the end of the day we have got each other to hold on to.

Rak, I love you. I really really do.


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