Wednesday, October 28, 2009

11:40 am


I did alot of things over the week..i went for a few job interviews n got a few jobs offer. I am still deciding which one to choose. I know wat u would say. U would ask me to choose the one i am happy with right? =)

Baby,i also went to the temple to pray and get blessings. I pray for u to be happy, pray that we will get through this ordeal n become stronger. Pray for yours and my father, mother. Hope that they will be healthy n happy, n pray for ah may work will be good..

I got a good news for u. The temple will teach thai every sunday from 1pm to 3pm. I will go and register and learn thai..then next time we can communicate ok?

darling, wait for me ok? i still love you, still want to be with you. i love you jin jin...

Your love,

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