Friday, October 16, 2009

10:35 PM


sorry today cannot come in to see you. Prison don't let me go in. but i ask lawyer to help already. lets pray we can see each other soon. ok? I know u miss me. I miss u alot too. i let may wear my key, so u know, even if i cannot see u, im just right outside waiting for u. ok? I really miss you alot, and i love you alot. Dont worry.

Gina, i am very happy, that u agreed to marry me. i am happy that u say u will be with me till the day u die or i throw u away. but my dearest wife, i will never throw u away. I swear.

and before i can say this to u in person, let me say this to you know,

My dearest Ning, i swear to the moon and the stars, that through the good and bad times, i promise to never forsake you. For each and every rising sun, i will love you, protect you, care for you..until i breathe my last. and i hold this promise in our hearts, and may this be my only union of promises in my present life, and you, will be, my one and only, wife.

Mi Mi ah, like what u have asked me to do, wait for you, be with you. I am right here waiting...

I love you, and Ning, thank you, for loving me too.

Your dearest husband,

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