Sunday, October 4, 2009

2:21 AM

Morning Darling,

Just know went to meet my friend for coffee. And she stays near Changi. I did a very silly thing. I drove myself to Changi Womens Prison, and stopped outside for a while hoping to feel closer to you. Baby, i know you must be feeling confused about us right now. Especially after so long when we did not have any communications. Please be strong, my feelings for you are exactly the same when i first met you. Trust my heart i love you all the same, and i will not give up on you, will not give up on us. I will not look at another 2nd girl, as you are already my wife in my heart. I will take care of you till the day you die, and even for my next life, i know i still want to be with you, and love you all the same.

Thee rak, all i ask is for you to have a piece of mind. Remember you once said, and i will always remember; you will believe me, as long as i want you to. I am asking you, my love, to believe me. Believe i will always love you and only you. There will be no one else. You will be the one i want to see every morning, and kiss you goodnight every night.

Although now i cannot really kiss you goodnight, i will keep my promise to say, I Love You every single day. I really do.

Goodnight my love, You are one day closer, to be right back in my arms.

Loving you, every second..

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