Monday, October 12, 2009



i just came back from Mustafa. Everytime i go mustafa, i think of you cos we went shopping there once. Remember? And u use to stay near there..i would go up everytime to keep u company. May say her friend saw you inside, we heard that you have cut your hair, and her friend say u still look very pretty. i believe that too. I knew you will be pretty no matter wat. I cant wait to see your new haircut.

Just now, i went to buy some food for May and your mom. So they will have something to snack on when i go to work. Dont worry ok? I will take good care of the both of them.

Gina, they are going to see you on Friday, please continue to sleep and eat well so they will see the best of you on that day. I know it would defintely ease their mind. Baby, i still miss you very much everyday and i know for many days to come, it will stay the same.

I am going to sleep now cos tomorrow need to work. Before i sleep, i want to tell you, i love you very much and it will stay this way for a very very long time. Goodnight baby...

I love you,

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