Tuesday, October 6, 2009

11:27 PM

Ti Rak,

i miss you alot. nothing makes me feel better except you. wherever i go, i keep thinking how nice it'd be if you were beside me or take a walk with me in the park. have meals together. watch a movie...there are so many so many things i want to do with you...sometimes i imagine you are beside me, it makes me feel better...

there was this one time, before you were my gf, i imagined, How nice it would be if you can be my gf. you can never imagine how happy i was when we went out for our first date. Does it mean, if i think of you and want you bad enough, my dreams will come true?

My love, i miss you so much everyday...10 more days. 10 more days, and i may have a chance to see you.

Today May called me, ask me to speak to you mom and assure her that you'd be fine. I told your mom, that you will be safe, and you will eat and sleep well and take good care of yourself. Baby, please do so ok? else i'll be be letting your mom down.

My dearest love, i'll be sleeping now. but before i sleep, i really want to say this to you -
I love you..i really really do...


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