Saturday, October 17, 2009

11.44 pm


Today me n may n mama stay at home. Tmr i will bring mama go sentosa see merlion. Ok mai? I will do what u want me to do. =)

Ma call me lu rak today! 555. Like you ah, baby love. Dont worry baby, i am happy because ma ma and may with me. Aya with me also.. Aya will stay in singapore so i will meet her to talk to her. Aya really care for me, make me happy ah.

Dont worry for me, ma ma say give me wear your King Rama.say i am like King, make me strong, make me smart, make me got power for you. Ma say i am king, u are queen, n i am your hero. Baby, i promise u, i will always be strong and be your hero.

Ah may and aya got ktv today. Later i will go and pick her up. We hope you are here with us. Aya say she miss u quentin her. Haha. U miss aya or not? She quentin u today. Ask me to give her my heart. I say my heart not with me, mai chai give her. She ask why i no heart, i say my heart give you liau. Haha.

Darling, mai dong kit mak. Khao jai bor? I will listen to you, wait for you nah. Then we marry. Ok mai? I got big big surprise for you. Sure you happy mak mak. =)

I go sleep first,later need to wake up find aya n ah may later. U sleep well ok? Remember ok? i love you very much, wait for u come out, be my wife ok? I love baby, goodnight...

Your husband to be,

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