Monday, October 19, 2009

22 : 36 pm


I just come back. Just now go eat dinner with my ma ma, ur ma ma and may. The 2 ma mas get along well, just never talk much. keep smiling at each other. 555. After eating then i send ma ma home, then send ur ma ma and may back to hotel. Ma ma ask me promise her, to bring u back to her safely,make me promise her that we will go back udon thani tgt. so u mai dong kit mak, i will wait for u, n do wat meh ask me to do. Ok? I will not disappoint her. Everything i do for you.

Tmr is ur second court hearing,not sure if u will be attending.but u say u will call may right? she already pass her sim card to me. I waiting for u to call. I really miss u so much, i scared i hear ur voice i will cry. I really want to talk to u very very badly.

Baby, tmr ma ma n may going home. I will send them to airport. But dont worry, they will come back soon to visit u ok nah? U be good girl inside, then time will pass very very fast.

Love,i will go sleep now..u must know and believe, that i love you with all my heart. Now, and forever. I love you. Goodnight ti lak...

many love and kisses,

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