Friday, October 2, 2009

2:33 AM


Today is finally the last day of my work! Tmr, sat and sun i can rest at home. Ma Ma ask me where are you. She say, you still have some clothes in the cupboard, ask me to wash for you!
I already wash alot of your clothes nah, tmr still need to wash somemore! But its ok. I am happy to wash clothes for you. =))

Today, went to find a friend. Talked about some plans about opening a store in Udon Thani. In this way, you can be close to your family and we can also earn a living. What do you think?
We can get a shophouse, downstairs can sell noodles, upstairs got 2 room, we can stay there together. Do you like that idea? When holiday comes, we can go bangkok and shop! I feel so happy thinking about it. I will go there with friend on the 30th of Oct. Then we can see around for a nice location, if we see something we like, we can rent it down. When the holiday comes, we can go bangkok for shopping! I feel happy just thinking about it.

Love, its almost a month since you are away, nothing has changed. I still miss you everyday and still waiting for the day i can have you in my arms. How i wish u can know wat u are thinking of now.

I will be patient and wait for your homecoming. Mi mi ah liao kap. Chao siu mai dai! I hope you sleep well tonight, dont worry so much. We can only wait now, and i am hopeful that it will be a sweet homecoming.

Gina, I love you. very much, Goodnight my dear...

Missing you always,

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