Friday, October 30, 2009

12:16 AM


I am going to Ah Chan Tong tomorrow to pray for you and us. Your HSA report is coming out soon. I hope Ah Chan Tong can help you with his blessings. And for you, I will get a tattoo to protect us. Okay na ka? I am willing to do anything for you, just for you to be safe and happy.

I am very determined to make this future ours. Irregardless of anything, i want to stick it out with you. No matter what, i am determined to love you with all my life.

Collin and Ju went to BKK already. Maybe they will meet Ah may. May is thinking of going to work at Cambodia then JB. When she work in JB, i will fetch her to prison to visit u again. Dont worry assured Chao Chiu Mai Dai na ka? Jin Jin mi mi ah liao kap, rak kun mak mak na.

Please stay healthy and happy inside. I want a happy bride in April. =)
Wife, I love you. with all my heart and soul. Goodnight

Loving you so much,

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