Saturday, October 10, 2009

3:45 AM

hi baby,

Today was such a bad day. I called the prison, and they told me i need to translate your birth certificate. I called thai embassy, n had to use a approved translator to translate your birth cert into english. Then bring it back to Thai embassy to notorized! Damn it. Why couldnt they tell me earlier??? In total, it will tk 3 working days.

I have to change the air tickets, so now ah may and your mom will come on tuesday. But im glad that everything is settled. Lets hope we can get ur birth cert notorized just in time for the prison. I really want u to see ur mom n may. Pls pray with me as well ok?

Tonight i went ICON. But i good boy. Never butterfly. Because i want nobody nobody but you! Khao jai mai? Mi mi ah liao kap. Chao xiu mai dai na! =)

Baby, i hope u will take gd care of yourself. Let ur mom n jeh see a happy n healthy u ok? So they wont worry. I will go sleep now, but of course, i want to tell you. I love you very much. Very very much. Goodnight thee rak.


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