Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2:10 AM


How are you today? As usual i miss you terribly today. May is at Udon Thani already. She will bring your mom to do her passport very soon. I promise you, even if i cannot see you, i'll make sure you see your family members first alright? Bear with me for a little while, everything will be okay soon.

My work is going to end soon, and i will be starting my new job on Monday. I hope that my new job will be better than the old one..

Time is really crawling baby, and im enduring as much as i can. Sometimes at night, i will cry, cos i miss you too much. I dont know how to tell you, though our relationship is one of the shortest one, but i love you to a state that i cannot imagine. Will our paths continue to cross 9 months later?
My friend told me, as long as we are alive, we still have another shot at it. Like you, i have never been lucky in my love life, so i can ask this of you? can u be my last? can you be the last girl in my life to love?

Gina, no matter how hard or tough this may be, i pray everyday and night that this will be over soon. I pray for the strength to carry on this journey to ask for nothing but your love. My love is for you to keep for as long as u want...let tonight be a good good night, and for all the nights to come, i am still telling you, I Love You very much. indeed, very very much.

Loving you,

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