Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2:41 AM

Thee Rak,

Sorry to write late today. Work until 12am, then went to eat with my friends at Golden Mile.

Thee Rak, today i am very unhappy. Everyone thinks im okay, but actually i feel extremely sad deep down. I really want to see you and talk to you very badly, but i cannot. The prison warden says because i have a traffic offence before therefore its considered a criminal record. I dont know when i can ever see you again. It seems like its going to be a long while before i can talk to you.

Have you received my letter? I will send another letter to you again. I really hope you will write back to me. I really miss you so much, every single minute i think of you, think of holding you...its getting so painful as the days goes by.

My dearest love, its raining again all of a sudden. Please keep yourself warm ok? I wish i can hug u to sleep, and while u drift away into dreamland, let me kiss you on your forehead and whisper softly, I Love You softly into your ear. Goodnight love.

Loving you dearly,

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