Monday, September 21, 2009

5:28 am

Another bad case of missing you...

Spoke to your sister about the apartment in Ratchada. May mentioned that she may move to another cheaper apartment, and since I am going to get a job in Bkk, i suggested to move to somewhere which is ideally near my workplace and convenient for her too. I am thinking of getting a bigger apartment so when you come out, 3 of us can stay together. What do you think? I intend to also get a puppy for you, so you wont be too bored when i go to work. =) Do you like that idea?

Rak, the only i can keep myself happy now is to plan for us. Sometimes i dream of our future home, dream of how life would be if we can live a life together. Do you think my dreams will come true? My friends think that its such a brave move on my part to give up everything in Singapore and move to Bangkok with you. But, i think otherwise, honestly, it didn't take me much courage to decide, it just came to me so naturally that i actually have no fear about relocating.

Rak, while your inside, rest assured that my love didnt just stop, neither did it even suspend for a split moment. I still think of you, and miss you terribly everyday. Today, i took one of your sweater out from your luggage and hugged it to sleep. It felt as though you were just beside me. Thats the least i can hold on to now.

Everyday i pray, that i am indeed one day closer to you. And for the goodnight kiss i cannot give again tonight, i am still sure, that i love you, very much. Goodnight Ning, i hope i see you in my dreams.

Love, Dawn

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