Saturday, September 26, 2009



Ah May reach Bangkok safely already. I just called her. She is okay, she say the room still has your smell & she misses you so much.

She called your friend porche, and she will go over to accompany Ah may later. I will call Ah May again at 11 pm to make sure shes ok.

Ah May will go and find your Mom once she settle the house with the agent in BKK, and your mom will be coming very soon to Singapore ok? 3 of us will come see you... =D

How i wish i can just hug u now, and tell u everything will be okay. Everything will be over soon. Please stay strong love, i am sure dawn will come after darkness and i look forward to have you in my arms again. I will hold you so tight i'll never left u leave my side anymore. I promise to love you, make you happy and smile every day.

Today is a boring Saturday without u. I will just stay home and think of you. But of course, before i go tonight, Let me tell you, I Love you.

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