Wednesday, September 23, 2009

11:38 PM


how are you today? Today i go work, so tiring. Jd's hearing is tomorrow, but i wont be going cos need to work.

I have good news for you.. May going back to BKK on friday already. Then will bring your mom to do her passport. After that they will be coming to Singapore to see you in Oct. Your mom and ah may will stay at my place, and i will accompany them to visit you. I really hope the warden allows me to go in with them, cos i really want to see you too.
I miss you so badly till i cannot sleep well these days.

Rak, do u miss me too? I put all your clothes on my bed cos it has ur smell. It seems as though u are sleeping right beside me. Sometimes if im a little bit lucky, i may even dream of u. Thats the only time i can feel you, and that is so important to me.

Today, i was telling my friend, how much i hate myself, for not loving you any earlier. If i had just be honest to my feelings and told u straight from the start, will we be apart right now? Its so unbearable not to have u by my side really. I was just getting addicted to you, and u were already something i couldnt/wouldnt stop.

My dearest love, tonight is just another painful and dreary night without you, and it wouldnt be complete if i hadnt say this to you, I hope my love will bring you home one day. I love you very much. Goodnight...

Ti Rak, Dawn

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