Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday 1.23 Am

Someone told me i should write when i miss someone terribly. So here i am.

Its been 19 days that you have been away from me. I wonder how you are doing inside, if your eating and sleeping well and i want to know whats weighing on your mind. Tell me all about it.

I would remember always when i first met you at Sabai. It was the start of something i never want to end.

I met your sister today. She was telling me how you use to call out to me, asking jd if im ok, if im free to see you. I felt happy yet miserable at the same time, hating myself for not making the first call to you. Will things be different now? would life take a different turn if i went on searching for you from the start? I never even wished you happy birthday for a start, but if i can, will you allow me to spend your every birthdays with u, until the day i die?

Oh, today May taught me something new..mi mi ah lai kap, chao siu mai dai. =)

Gina, remember? if i am happy, you will be happy. and i am staying happy, for you, my love.

If i were to choose to meet you, and go through this all over again, i would. I will gladly, go through these long lonely nights without you, hoping and pining for the day you'd sleep beside me again.

Today is just another night, i go through missing you hopelessly till i fall asleep. For a start, your lovely picture for me to stare at till i drift away.

For the goodnight kiss i am unable to give you today, let me whisper to you gently, I Love You. Rak Kun jin jin.


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