Friday, September 25, 2009

4:06 AM

Ti Rak,

today i very happy. Cos Ah May call me Nong Rak, and i call her Pi Rak. Both of us will work very hard to earn $ and wait for you to come out. Ti Rak Nong Rak and Pi Rak will have a happy happy life in Thailand. Are you happy?

Me and Pi Rak talk alot about you today on the phone. I tell her, we only have each other now. We will support each other emotionally through this...U dont worry ok? We will be able to get through this together...

Ti Rak, everyday i still miss you very much. No matter how people can say i am stupid or foolish, i will still follow my heart, and that heart is already yours to keep. I will stay strong, and true to it irregardless.

The best thing in life is to have a love thats true and sincere, through you, i found love, not only yours, but also sister love through Ah May. Ti Rak, thank you for coming into my life, and thank you for loving me.

This heart of mine only has this to say - I Love You, and i always will.

Rak Jin Jin,

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